Tent City inmates to get cool treats during extreme heat

PHOENIX - Inmates at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Tent City will get cool treats this weekend as temperatures soar.

According to a Friday press release, Arpaio has ordered ice cream and ice water soaked towels be distributed to the male and female inmates as the hot weekend begins.

Arpaio will be on hand Friday afternoon to kick off what the Sheriff's Department is calling the "cold as ice" experience.

ABC15 weather forecaster Amy Murphy says we'll hit a high temperature of 118 degrees in Phoenix today, which would break a record.

The Sheriff's Department says the recorded temperature inside a tent in the yard of Tent City on Thursday afternoon was 137 degrees.

"Temperatures have always been on the sizzling side in Tent City during the summer months. But, there has never been an inmate that has suffered a serious health problem related to the heat in the tents. I don't want that perfect record spoiled this year," Arpaio said.

Tent City can hold up to 2,000 inmates.

The facility will celebrate its 20th anniversary on August 3, 2013.

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