Target customers worried about security breach

PHOENIX, AZ - Millions of Target shoppers are concerned about identity theft after the company announced that 40 million people may have had their accounts compromised.

"Very concerned because it is my identity," says Eunice Ortega from Phoenix. "I'm just trying to look at all my statements and continue to keep looking into them, until this is all cleared up."

Eunice shops at Target at least twice a week using credit and debit cards. Her bank account is the same one she's had for 20 years. Now, she's worried she might be the next victim.

"I'm thinking I have the cash and the funds in the account to use this, and somebody else has taken it from me so there goes my holidays because I'm going to have to get all of this situated before I can go out and buy anything else."

Many Target shoppers are now on standby. "I don't think it'll be too much of a hassle to call my bank and make sure everything gets changed over," said one woman, "but it will take seven days to get a new card."

Others, who only use credit cards aren't worried at all. One man said, "You're paying with their money, that's why I always use a credit card, if something goes wrong it's really on them to try and fix it."

But for debit users like Eunice, it's the fear of a compromised card linked to everything. She says, "I pay my security, I pay my credit cards, I pay the utilities, the electricity, gas, water, and phone bill."

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