Tammi Smith believes Baby Gabriel is alive, not sure what Elizabeth Johnson's verdict will be

PHOENIX - The woman who once planned to adopt Baby Gabriel told ABC15 that most of the time, she believes the child, who would be now be 3 years old, is still alive.

"I don't want to believe the baby's dead," said Tammi Smith, "but there's that small part of me that thinks, maybe she did kill the baby."

Smith is currently on probation after serving 30 days in jail.

In May, prosecutors convinced a jury that Smith conspired with Gabriel's mother, Elizabeth Johnson, to illegally adopt the boy away from his father.

Smith told ABC15 that she did nothing wrong.

"It doesn't really matter what people think about me," she said. "It matters what God thinks about me. Anyone who truly has Christ in their heart would see my heart."

Johnson is now on trial, accused of kidnapping her own son.

Investigators claim Johnson originally admitted to killing the boy and then later said she gave him to a couple in Texas back in December of 2009.

The Tempe boy has been missing now for nearly three years.

"I want so badly to know what happened," Smith said. "I hope the answers will come out in the trial."

As for the fate of Gabriel's mother, Smith isn't speculating on the jury's verdict.

"I will not be shocked either way it goes," she told ABC15. "From what my attorney said, you could totally flip a coin on this."

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