Suspected killer Michael Crane tells Maricopa Superior Court judge, 'You should be speaking to me'

PHOENIX - A man accused of killing three people told a Maricopa County Superior Court judge that the rules of the court do not apply to him.

"I am a sovereign man," said Michael Crane in court.  "I did not enter into this contract."

Crane is suspected of murdering Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro in their Paradise Valley home during a robbery in January.

He is also accused of killing Phoenix resident Bruce Gaudet during a separate home robbery.

While ranting about his sovereignty for about 20-minutes, Crane told the judge the State of Arizona was violating his personal rights.

"Let this record reflect I am here with forced counsel," said Crane to Judge Warren Granville.  "Your honor you should be speaking to me, I'd like to state something for the record here.

Judge Granville sat patiently before telling Crane to stop talking.

"Mr. Crane I'll give you a minute in a minute," said Granville. 

Crane later told the judge, "I believe the state of Arizona has turned the judicial system into a criminal enterprise accountable to no one."

As Crane stood next to his court appointed lawyer and several MCSO deputies he told the judge he doesn't acknowledge his own attorney.

"I do not have a lawyer, I never hired this lawyer, in fact, I am firing this lawyer," said Crane.

Granville calmly told Crane the hearing was over and the suspected killer was escorted out of court.

His next hearing is expected in about 90 days.

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