Suspect jailed in Phoenix meat cleaver attack

PHOENIX - Maricopa County Superior Court says a man held for allegedly attacking two people with a meat cleaver is facing a charge of attempted murder and burglary.

Suspect Qui Tu Truong made his first appearance in court Monday.

Phoenix police arrested the 27-year-old Saturday after the attack on 21-year-old Trong Nguyen and his aunt, 56-year-old Yen Ha, at a townhome development in West Phoenix.

"He came out of the house bleeding and stopping cars yelling for help," said Jennifer Hernandez, who saw the aftermath of the brutal attack.

A probable cause statement says Qui blamed Yen for his recent termination at a market where all three worked. Court paperwork says Trong identified Qui after the cleaver attack.

"You don't do that over losing a job," said one resident. "I pray for them (victims) every day. I hope that one day they can deal with what happened."

Trong's aunt remains hospitalized in critical condition with what are described as life threatening injuries and has not regained consciousness since the attack.

Police say both victims were caught off guard and had no chance to defend themselves against the attack.

"They were trying to stop the attack with their hands," said neighbor Carl Rodriquez, who also saw the victims after the incident. "I think the guy (Qui) was nuts."