Supporters turn to Facebook for woman in TSA abuse case

PHOENIX - A woman who allegedly grabbed a breast of a Transportation Security Administration worker at Sky Harbor Airport last week is gaining hundreds of supporters on Facebook.

A Facebook community fan page called "Acquit Yukari Mihamae" had about 1,300 followers as of 3:45 p.m. Monday and the numbers continue to go up. People posting on the page praised Mihamae for her bravery while others offered to donate money to her defense.

Phoenix police say they arrested 61-year-old Mihamae of Colorado on Thursday after she reportedly got into an argument with a TSA worker at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and then grabbed and twisted her breast.

Police say Mihamae refused to be screened by TSA staff when the incident happened.

Many people have been posting comments on the Facebook page regarding the incident:

G. David Hawkins wrote, "You just did to them what they're doing to us all. You are a hero for the people, and I stand with you!!"

Danny Smith wrote, "When I first saw this story I shared it on my Facebook page, and now I liked this one, but is there anything more concret we can do to support her? Does anyone have contact info for the court/prosecutor that is handling this?"

Mihamae was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse, which is a felony, but no charges have been filed.

Maricopa County Judicial Commissioner Miles Nelson released Mihamae on her own recognizance during a court appearance Friday. A preliminary hearing in her case was scheduled for Aug. 4.

Nelson said Mihamae could return home to Longmont, Colo., and could use airports to travel back to Arizona as part of her work as a translator.

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