Strip club employee Ashton Gaddis accused of hiring undercover officer as hitman

PHOENIX - A strip-club employee hired a hit man to kill a man she knew, according to investigators.

Ashton Gaddis, 43, also known as Roberta Fair, was arrested by police last Friday night after they claim she offered an undercover officer $1,000 to kill someone.

She gave the officer a picture of the man she wanted dead, as well as the "best time" to commit the crime.

Originally, the report states, Gaddis only wanted the target "paralyzed," but when the officer said he would not know when the victim would be paralyzed, Gaddis agreed to killing him.

At Gaddis' Surprise home, the person who answered the door said the family had no comment.

Gaddis works at "Le Girls" along Washington and 51st streets, according to court records.

"Le Girls" did not return a phone call to ABC15 with a comment.

Investigators said Gaddis originally met the undercover officer at an adult club when she offered to sell him Vicodin.

The report is unclear as to who the victim is and why she wanted him dead.

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