Spring Training, spring breakers cause travel delays at Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport

PHOENIX - People traveling out of Sky Harbor Airport on Sunday needed to give themselves a little more time.

Travelers on US Airways found themselves standing in long lines Sunday trying to check in for flights and get re-booked on missed flights.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to make it home today,” said Beverly Kolasz, one of countless passengers dealing with the nightmare. “When I went to check in, which was 5 minutes beyond cutoff, they would not check my bag. And because my bag could not go on the flight, I could not go on the flight.”

Todd Lehmacher, spokesman for US Airways, said flights were 97 percent booked today.

He said between spring breakers and spring training, this could be one of the "busiest Sundays of the year."

He also said that a lot of travelers were missing scheduled flights because they did not give themselves enough time to get through check-in and security.

“I’ve never ever been in a line like this in my life,” said Karen Hobbs, who said she arrived with plenty of time, but the lines were so long and moved so slowly that she and dozens of others missed their flights.

“We're all beyond frustrated,” said Hobbs. “Everyone’s tweeting and social media and all kinds of stuff. I nearly got thrown out of the airport.”

A spokesman for Phoenix Sky Harbor said there were no issues at the airport and the travel delays were due to lots of people flying out.

Things were back to normal, with much shorter lines, by late Sunday afternoon.

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