Snakes surfacing in Valley: How to spot, remove them

PHOENIX - The high temperatures are creating a high number of snake calls at Valley homes.
Firefighters in Goodyear removed snakes from two homes Friday morning, and there have been countless more across the Valley over the past few days.
"This year has been wetter than last year so snakes are more on the move," said Bryan Hughes with Rattlesnake Solutions.
Hughes explained that the snakes are simply looking for a place to cool off, and often are attracted to brush and vegetation that provides a place for them to get out of the heat.
He also said that deep piles of river rock also provide places for snakes to cool off and regulate their body temperature.
The most common snakes out and about right now are Diamondbacks and Gopher snakes. They look similar but the Diamondbacks have the distinct white and black ring around its tail. Gopher snakes are typically bigger but are harmless.
Hughes recommends that you inspect your yard and home to assure there are no holes in walls or in the base of the home that could allow a snake to get inside.
"They don't want to be inside," he said. "If they are it is because they got lost and then they are confused."
Hughes said be sure to call a professional or the fire department if you do run across one and do not approach it.
"If you move away they won't follow you," he said. 
If you are bitten contact 911 immediately.

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