Sky Harbor travelers dodge delays

PHOENIX - Sky Harbor travelers were faced with 15 minute delays at most Wednesday, but across the country it was a different story.

Thousands of planes were grounded and flyers stranded because of snow, ice and rain.

It was a long day for some folks trying to get home to the Valley.

An ABC15 crew talked with one young man whose plane got stuck on the runway in Washington, DC for two hours.

"They had to de-ice us probably once or twice. Luckily I just got a nice new tablet for Christmas, so I just watched movies," said Kevin Pernick.

Like many travelers, Pernick was expecting delays.

He was just happy to be home and back in the sunshine.

We also spoke with a woman who was stranded in Phoenix because she missed her connecting flight.

She said she was going to take a hot shower, go out to dinner and try to make the most of her overnight experience in the Valley.

More bad weather and delays are expected on Thursday so be sure to check your flight status before heading to the airport.

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