Silent Witness: Fabian Cano's mother increases reward to catch son's killer

PHOENIX - A Phoenix mom won't rest until her son's killer is behind bars.

Fabian Cano was shot and killed at a house party on January 8. Since then, his mother has held car washes and collected donations to increase a reward to $5,000.

Pamela Coss was like any other parent waiting for her child to come home from a party but she got the call we all fear.

Her son, Fabian Cano, had been shot in the head. 

"He didn't make it," she said.

Police say someone fired three shots from the street and into the house party. It happened near 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road, about a mile from where Fabian lived. A bullet went through the home and into the backyard where Fabian was standing. He died at the hospital. 

Fabian's life was cut short at 19 years old and his single mother was left alone. He was her only child.

"It's like I lost my soul," Coss said. "I've lost my direction in life."

Detectives are at a loss too. There were several people at the party but cops were told very little. Nobody seems to know exactly where the shots came from. It's not clear if it was a drive-by or if the shooter or shooters were at the party.

Sgt. Darren Burch, with Silent Witness, said Fabian was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"We don't believe the shooter ever saw Fabian. Fabian wasn't the target," Burch said.

Nine months after losing her son, Coss walked ABC15 through Fabian's room. She's kept most of his things in place and added gifts and cards that the community gave her. 

"These are the shoes he wore that night," she said. "I have everything, everything."

Except answers. 

"It would give me peace to know that (the shooter) is out of our community," Coss said.

If you have any information, call 480-WITNESS. Tips remain anonymous.

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