Shootout in Rocky Point leaves several dead, but no tourists involved

PHOENIX - Several people were shot dead in the tourist town of Rocky Point; however, no tourists were involved, according to police.

The shootout happened July 18, Mexican news outlets report, and ended with a police officer's death, as well as a suspected drug trafficker's death.

"It was just the good guys taking out the bad guys," said Mike Jarvinen.

Jarvinen operates the shuttle service " Head Out to Rocky Point " which drives travelers directly from Phoenix to their resort.

He was in Rocky Point that night, but didn't hear about the deaths until he was back home in Phoenix the next day.

Jarvinen told ABC15 he's been fielding calls from worried customers who have heard incorrect information.

"I had a customer call me today and say, ‘I heard a family was killed and the border was closed,'" he said. "The rumors just started flying."

The Mexican news site, Numero Uno , shows graphic pictures of the scene that appear to be next to a school's sports complex.

The shootout was not along the beach resorts, but closer to the center of town.

Despite fears of drug violence along the Mexican-American border, Jarvinen said he feels absolutely safe driving to Rocky Point and vacationing there. He plans to take another group on Thursday.

"Rocky Point is so small and it happens so rarely—it's big news," he said.

The State Department recommends that if you drive to Rocky Point, you do so only during daylight.

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