Sheriff Joe Arpaio looks to win Maricopa County race again; sheriff since 1993

PHOENIX - Sheriff Joe Arpaio is looking to win another term to continue owning his title, "America's Toughest Sheriff."

The 80-year-old sheriff has been in office since 1993, serving Maricopa County.

ABC15 viewers have been sounding off both for and against his re-election on the eve of Election Day 2012.

" Joe will win in a landslide...again!" wrote Alex Ware on the ABC15 Facebook page.

"So sad so many uninformed voters out there... I say no to more Joe!" wrote Christine Koelsch.

"Joe has definitely made some huge mistakes and if there were someone running who was better suited for the job, I'd vote for them. However, there isn't. Joe it is! I have a hard time believing he will be voted out," wrote Cassie Lynn.

Retired Phoenix police officer and Democrat Paul Penzone is running against Arpaio in Tuesday's election as well as Independent Mike Stauffer.

Arpaio has continuously received national attention over the years, which brought on his "America's Toughest Sheriff" title.

Some of the topics include his fight against illegal immigration, Tent City, and his investigations into President Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship.

Do you hope Arpaio wins another term? Join the conversation on the ABC15 Facebook page.

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