Shelter dogs from Phoenix flown to Idaho to find new homes

PHOENIX - Thirty dogs from a no-kill shelter in Phoenix were transported to a no-kill shelter in Idaho where they will be put up for adoption. 

The small dogs from HALO Animal Rescue were transported by plane courtesy of Dog is My CoPilot, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving homeless dogs and cats by flying them to areas in the western United States where they are more adoptable. 

“When DIMC moves large groups of animals from an area where they are harder to adopt out and flies them to another area where they are in demand, the animals are quickly adopted by loving “furever” homes,” explains Judy Zimet, a Phoenix attorney who also serves as executive director of Dog Is My CoPilot. “A Chihuahua in Idaho gets adopted in a heartbeat, but that same Chihuahua in Phoenix is often harder to place in a new home,” says Zimet.

Phoenix continues to see large numbers of stray and abandoned pets entering Phoenix shelters, especially Chihuahuas and pit bulls, said Heather Allen, HALO Animal Rescue president and CEO.

The small dogs were headed to All Valley Animal Rescue in Meridian, Idaho.

“We’re very grateful to DIMC for their dedication to animal welfare. Not only are we saving more animals from euthanasia because of their program, we’re able to place homeless pets with loving families who really want them,” says Jason Lee, President and marketing director for All Valley Animal Rescue. 

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