Sex videos shot at Sky Harbor?

PHOENIX - The young woman in the video looks like any other you'd see passing through Sky Harbor Airport. She chats with a man behind the camera as she waits in baggage claim.

"Are you 18," the man behind the camera asks. "Yes, you are."

The video shows the woman getting into an elevator, heading to one of the top floors of the parking deck. It isn't long before she's looking out onto the tarmac. She lifts up her shirt, exposing her breasts.

"Hello Arizona," she says.

The man behind the camera begins telling her to perform sex acts on him. Without hesitation, she does.

The video, widely circulated on the internet, is one of at least seven videos the ABC15 Investigators discovered. The videos show women exposing themselves, oral sex, even intercourse. All of them were shot in public areas at Sky Harbor Airport.

These aren't random, amateur sex tapes. The videos appear on professionally-run web sites. The ABC15 Investigators have learned, the women were paid. 

"It's unacceptable," said Phoenix District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio, after ABC15 showed him a portion of just one of the videos. "These kinds of things should not happen in a public setting where families can be a part of it."

Sky Harbor International Airport is the most crowded, and perhaps, the most secure public facility in the Valley.  Each year, 40 million people pass through. Yet, the videos date back at least six years, and it appears the producers have returned to the airport repeatedly without ever being caught. 

"We are in a heightened level of security. If they can't detect this, which took several minutes, what would happen if it were something more serious,"  DiCiccio said.

At times, the videos seem to show, the porn actors come dangerously close to being discovered. In one video, a woman lifts up her skirt just seconds before the door of the elevator opens to reveal a skycap waiting on the other side. In another video, a woman in a waiting area has to quickly cover up when people begin to get off the elevator.

The ABC15 Investigators reached out to Sky Harbor officials, Phoenix police, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. None of the agencies was willing to provide someone for an on-camera interview.

Sky Harbor officials did provide a statement, asking airport visitors to be "aware of their surroundings" and urging visitors to report anything suspicious by calling 911.

Phoenix police spokesman, Sgt Trent Crump, told ABC15, "porn is not illegal." In fact, Crump said, having sex in a public place is not illegal, unless a third party is exposed to the act and files a complaint. Crump said he was not aware of any complaints filed at Sky Harbor. Crump told us, Phoenix police have no plans to investigate further.

County Attorney Montgomery's office declined comment citing a pending sexual exploitation of a minor case against a man once associated with one of the websites which produced one of the Sky Harbor videos. Last March, Montgomery issued a public statement which appeared to say pornography is, in fact, illegal. "Under Arizona law, anyone paid to appear in a pornographic movie may be guilty of the crime of prostitution," Montgomery said. "Arizona law precludes the establishment of a ‘pornography industry,'"

Despite that statement, Montgomery's office has not brought a criminal case against anyone producing pornographic videos involving actors over the age of 18.

If police and prosecutors are unwilling or unable to launch a criminal investigation, Councilman DiCiccio has asked for an inquiry. After we brought the videos to his attention, he drafted a letter to Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos. The letter requests staff to look into the matter. It's unclear if any action has been taken as a result.

The producers of the videos remain active. ABC 15 has monitored two websites associated with the pornographic videos shot at Sky Harbor. Both sites appear to have produced material within the last month.

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