Search continues for one of Valley's most wanted fugitives Angel Padilla

PHOENIX - As the man wanted in connection with shooting at a Phoenix police officer remains on the loose, ABC15 has obtained the radio traffic when Angel Padilla fired 37 rounds at the officer.

In the audio clip, released by the Phoenix Police Department, the officer can be heard saying he (Padilla) is firing shots which can be heard in the background.

Padilla is wanted in connection with trying to kill the Phoenix police officer, kidnapping a woman, five home invasions and various other crimes.

Investigators tell ABC15 they believe Padilla is still in the Phoenix area following the shooting incident on October 13.

Detectives say the officer attempted to pull Padilla over for a traffic violation, not knowing Padilla was wanted for kidnapping a woman minutes earlier.

"Get the air units," the officer is heard saying.

During the chaos, detectives say the officer in question took cover behind his police cruiser and managed to escape the attack uninjured.

While firing the shots, Padilla managed to escape the area and hasn't been seen since.

The woman he kidnapped, the mother of his child, escaped during the shooting.

Silent Witness is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Padilla's arrest.

To call in an anonymous tip, call 480-WITNESS.

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