Scottsdale restaurant opens among Arizona's rising hospitality and tourism industry

PHOENIX - Since the first of the year nearly 10,000 new jobs have been added to the Valley's growing hospitality and tourism industry.

In January 185,000 people worked in area hotels, bars, resorts and restaurants. Now more more than 194,000 people do.

Samuel Baxter is one of those people. He was unemployed for two months before finding a job at a new restaurant. Baxter is now the new Chef de Cusine at the Renegade by MOD restaurant in Scottsdale.

It's a little stressful, but Baxter said he is very happy to be working again.

"It's just an exciting feeling to know that you got an opportunity coming you have a chance to grow something new," said Baxter.

Many of the new jobs are a result of new businesses opening up. Renegade just opened this morning. It's co-owed by longtime valley Chef Michael O'Dowd. O' Dowd has though about opening his own place every since he started cooking thirty years ago. He say's now is finally the time to do it.

"In our industry you have to burn a memory and that is what we are about here," said O'Dowd

O'Dowd said he is confidant his new place will succeed because the economy is growing and he's started to notice a new trend. Vacationers and snowbirds are staying longer, and locals aren't leaving as much.

"Opening up in summer it doesn't really bother me because more and more people are staying local during the vacation time periods," said O'Dowd.

While Hospitality has added the most jobs by far other industries are also growing. Education added around 5,000 jobs

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