Scam callers targeting SRP business customers during peak times

PHOENIX - Some of Salt River Project’s business customers are still getting scam phone callers – many times during the busiest times and on the busiest days, according to SRP.

On Valentine’s Day last week, numerous flower shops complained of increased scammers while shop owners were dealing with one of the busiest days for their businesses.

The calls are primarily hitting restaurants, convenience stores and markets, and many times during peak rush hours for these businesses, SRP says. The scammers usually say that the customer’s power will be cut off and only an immediate credit or debit card payment will allow them to keep their power.

In some cases, the caller will tell the customers to go to a convenience store to buy a prepaid card, load it with money and give the caller the card number to pay, SRP says.

“Many customers call SRP to confirm whether their electricity bill is due and avoid paying scam artists, however some customers may not understand that SRP does not call to demand payments and are not so fortunate,” said Renee Castillo, senior director of SRP Customer Services.

SRP sends out a reminder bill before an account would be fully disconnected.

SRP advises customers to never give their personal information to a caller without knowing their identity. If a customer isn’t sure of a call and thinks it may be a scam, they can call SRP at 602-236-8833 for businesses or 602-236-8888 for residential customers.

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