SB1062: Experts say controversial bill will tarnish Arizona's image

PHOENIX - Multiple sources close to Governor Brewer say she’ll veto SB1062, but many say severe damage is already done to Arizona’s reputation.

Jennifer Kaplan runs a public relations firm called Evolve. She says repairing Arizona’s image could take years.

“I think it's going to have a large economic impact on our overall economy,” said Kaplan. “As far as people visiting and tourism, maybe not as much, but as far as people moving here, businesses being enticed to set up operations here, they have to think about all their employees that they have within their company a lot of people fall into this category.”

Dozens of businesses have also urged Brewer to veto the bill, including: Apple, American Airlines and PetSmart.

Brewer flew back Tuesday after attending National Governors Association meetings this last week.

Brewer is likely to make her decision on Thursday or Friday. She has until Saturday morning to sign or veto the bill.

State tourism groups and a healthcare association representing over 70 hospitals, is also urging Brewer to vote down the bill.

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