SB 1070 co-author tells ABC15 he's an advisor for Mitt Romney

PHOENIX - One of the authors behind Arizona's controversial immigration law says he's now an advisor to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Kris Kobach, told ABC15 he's an unpaid advisor guiding Romney on immigration issues.

"Well I'm providing advice on the best approach to immigration enforcement and immigration law generally," said Kobach in a phone interview Tuesday night.

Kobach is currently the Kansas Secretary of State and made it clear he's not being paid.

"I was with him (Romney) in South Carolina for that debate providing advice," said Kobach.  "I did endorse Mitt Romney as well."

Kobach is known as the main architect of Senate Bill 1070 and worked with Russell Pearce to craft the legislation.

While many states have adopted similar SB1070 laws, it remains a hot topic in Arizona where portions of the law are being debated in court.

Kobach did not say how long he has been advising Romney only that the two have discussed illegal immigration and various ways to address it.

"I've encouraged the Romney campaign to take a stand of attrition through enforcement which is what Arizona's SB1070 is all about," he said.

The next GOP debate is on Feb. 22 in Mesa.

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