Salmonella scare strikes Valley; which products are affected?

PHOENIX - A Phoenix woman is back on her feet after battling a terrible stomach illness she links back to the peanut butter she ate.

Barbara lives in central Phoenix and had been eating Open Market Old Fashion Creamy Peanut Butter she bought at Safeway over a several-day period. Within a day or two, she became violently ill and even went to the hospital. "I was so sick," she told ABC15.

The peanut butter has been pulled from store shelves, but it was too late for Barbara, just like at least 35 other people who have been sickened by salmonella poisoning in 19 states.

The problem has been traced back to Sunland Inc., a peanut manufacturer in New Mexico. Its products are sold across the country.

Not only peanut butter, but crackers and even ice cream are thought to be bad. There are more than 100 products on the recall list. See the full list.

Barbara is afraid more people will become sick -- people who bought the products before the recall and still have it in their cupboards. She says her doctor didn't even know about the recall, she heard about it through a friend.

"I've been feeding it to my dogs. And I think about a friend of mine, she has six grandkids and she didn't know," she said.

Barbara is still waiting on medical tests to tell her exactly what she had. She is betting it's bad peanut butter.

She says Safeway offered to pay her medical bills if the cause was in fact the peanut butter.

For more recall information, visit the FDA Recall List .

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