Robin Ramirez pleads guilty in coupon counterfeiting case

PHOENIX - The last of three women charged in a coupon counterfeiting case has pleaded guilty, according to Phoenix police.

Robin Ramirez pleaded guilty on February 25 to counterfeiting and faces a sentence of nine months to two years in jail and supervised probation.

Ramirez would also be required to pay some sort of restitution to the victims.

Last November, Amiko Fountain and Marilyn Johnson each pleaded guilty to a single charge of counterfeiting. They face up to 18 months in jail.

Police say the three were operating a website called which was not related to a local consumer magazine named Savvy Shopper.

Over 40 of the country's largest manufacturers fell victim to the women's scheme, police said.

Police said they seized millions of dollars in counterfeit coupons. The coupons were reportedly printed overseas and sent to Arizona. They were used to get new customers, reward loyal customers and customers unhappy with a product.

The women were arrested last July.

At the time, police said that hundreds of millions of dollars in losses from this counterfeit case "goes beyond the imagination."

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