Richard Chrisman update: Jury sees bullets that killed victim

PHOENIX - A visual day during the trial of a former Phoenix police officer accused of murder.

On Thursday, jurors in the Richard Chrisman trial got to see several key pieces of evidence including Chrisman's uniform.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez also showed the jury Chrisman's gun, Taser, and pepper spray. All of the items were used on the day of the deadly shooting in October 2010.

The jury also got to see the bullets that killed the victim, Daniel Rodriguez.

During testimony, Martinez also showed police photos taken of Chrisman shortly after the shooting.

Martinez pointed to Chrisman's uniform in the pictures showing there were no rips or tears to his shirt or buttons.

Homicide investigator Jose Cisneros told jurors Chrisman's shirt was tucked into his pants pointing out the condition of his uniform showed no signs of a struggle.

Martinez then showed close-up pictures of Chrisman's face, neck, and arms which showed no bruises or scratches.

Chrisman pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.

His attorney decided not to cross-examine Cisneros.


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