Richard Chrisman trial: Witness tells jury police officer executed victim while on a call

PHOENIX - The second day of testimony wrapped up Thursday in the murder trial of former Phoenix police officer.

Richard Chrisman is accused of killing an unarmed man while on a domestic violence call in 2010 .

The state's key witness, Sergio Virgillo, who was a second officer at the scene, took the stand and faced tough questions by the defense.

Attorney Craig Mehrens repeatedly tried to show the jury that Virgillo gave different versions of what happened during the call from where he was standing at the time Chrisman shot the victim to what he saw and what he told officers after the shooting and how it changed to what he told the jury Wednesday.

On re-direct, prosecutor Juan Martinez really focused on trying to show the jury that the victim in this case, Daniel Rodriguez, never posed a threat.

Virgillo said Rodriguez never had a weapon and he never tried to hit or attack the officers.

Instead, Virgillo again reiterated Rodriguez had his hands up and was backing away when Chrisman shot him.

During a dramatic part of testimony, Virgillo even went as far as to call this an execution.

Chrisman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.


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