Reward offered for two dogs stolen from Phoenix home

PHOENIX - A Phoenix dog owner is sending out an emotional plea for the safe return of her beloved pets.

Two men stole the dogs Friday during a burglary at Erica Goble's home near 19th Street and Indian School Road.

Goble came home around 2 p.m. to find the door to her carport kicked in.

She then found a window leading to her backyard busted out.

But even more disturbing than the damage, Goble's two little dogs never came out to greet her.

"I'm guessing they were inside initially but they're super friendly dogs so when they heard someone, they came out to see what was going on," said Goble.

Goble searched her entire property but 10-year-old Ari and 8-year-old Sloan were nowhere to be found.

A neighbor two doors down told her he'd seen two men leaving her home with the dogs.

"They could have taken all my things, I don't care, but it's another thing to take your pets," said Goble.

After determining the dogs had, in fact, been stolen Goble filed a police report and searched the animal shelters.

But 48 hours later, her dogs' whereabouts still remain a mystery.

"I have no idea where they are," said Goble. "I just hope they're safe and at least getting food and water. I hope they're together."

Goble put up fliers throughout her neighborhood letting people know she's offering a reward for the safe return of her dogs. 

If you have information about Goble's dogs, you can reach her at 602-284-1124.

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