Report: 29 percent of scales at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Tucson International fail state inspection

PHOENIX - A recent audit confirms that 29 percent of luggage scales at Arizona's two busiest airports showed inaccurate readings, were improperly installed or had broken digital displays.

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures conducted an unannounced test of 196 scales last week at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport ahead of the usually-busy holiday travel season.

According to the audit, the department discovered 57 individual scale violations at 22 airline ticket counters and curbside check-in locations between both airports.

"Our inspections are conducted to protect consumers from unwarranted overcharges," said Kevin Tyne, director of the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures.

Violations included inaccurate scales, devices not starting on zero, improper installation, digital displays inoperable, missing tamper proof seals, no posted notice for overweight luggage charges and general maintenance issues, according to the report.

Delta Airlines received the most violations with four scales providing incorrect weights "favorable to the airline" and one scale wouldn't zero out, according to the report.

United Airlines followed with two scales providing incorrect weights "favorable to the customer" and one having a broken digital display.

Southwest Airlines had two scales fail. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Volaris, and US Airways each had one scale fail.

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