Puppy alerts Phoenix family of house fire, doesn't make it out alive

PHOENIX - A Phoenix family has a puppy to thank for making it out of a house fire alive.

But sadly, 13-week-old Kiki didn't survive the fire.

Charred wood and mangled steel is all that's left of the Martinez family's home after a fire engulfed their house near 32nd Street and McDowell Road Tuesday afternoon.

"It was a nightmare, I mean. You never think something like that happens to you, but it does," said Linda Martinez.

Linda's family was eating lunch and their puppy Kiki was down the hall in another room. She started barking loudly so her son checked on her.

"As soon as he opened the door, he came running back in and he said, 'Mom the house is on fire, get out,'" Linda said.

As her husband and two boys ran out of the house, Linda tried to save Kiki. She grabbed her but then dropped her after a blast of fire shook the house. They never saw her again.

"My neighbor kept yelling for me to get out of there, get out of there, and then just in a matter of minutes, my house went up in flames," Linda said.

Linda says Kiki saved their lives.

"She meant the world to us, she was like our little girl that we didn't have. We spoiled her," she said.

The Martinez's lost their baby pictures and wedding photos. They even lost Kiki. But Linda says her family is standing strong.

"We lost everything we own, but all material things can be replaced. My family could never be replaced," she said.

There's no word yet on what caused the fire.

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