Priests attacked in Phoenix: Church comes together to mourn loss of Rev. Kenneth Walker

PHOENIX - Friday night marked the first time parishioners have been inside Mother of Mercy Mission since the brutal attack Wednesday night that left Rev. Kenneth Walker dead and Rev. JosephTerra severely beaten.

"Oh, shocked. These were great men. I can't understand it," said Maurice Brill.

Brill has been attending mass at the church since it opened. He knows both priests well.

"I don't know it's just, good men that haven't done anybody any damage. That's what bothers me," Brill said.

It bothers a lot of people.

"You need a place that you can go to and not worry," said Mary Welch.

That's why dozens gathered at Mother of Mercy Friday night, to pray together and to mourn together.

"God is stronger, the love of Christ is much greater than any kind of violence and death is only falling to sleep into the hands of God.  We have no doubt Father Walker lives forever," said Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

Olmsted led Friday night's service, helping parishioners heal and making sure the community knows the Catholic Church is here for them.

"The church is here for charity, for love, for hope. And these kinds of neighborhoods need this. We all need this. So we cannot run away at times like this," he said.

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