'Pop-up' gift shops make Valentine's Day easy

PHOENIX - Some people plan Valentine's Day for at least days-- if not weeks or even months.

But others leave it to the last minute.

And this year, last minute shopping was easier than ever with all of the "pop-up" gift shops around the Valley.

Teddy bears and flowers took over sidewalks and streets in Phoenix as vendors competed for business.

In Maryvale, you couldn't miss them. Booths stacked up around intersections just a few feet away from each other.

That convenience made Valentine's Day a little easier for people like Pedro Rivas.

"I just got off work, and I'm going by. Something last minute you know," Rivas said.

A lot of people who live here said it's more than last minute shopping-- it's a tradition.

They stop at these booths year after year. But that doesn't mean they're not looking for the best deal.

"Oh, this is quick. This is quick and negotiable, you know. It's not as expensive as the other stores," said Chico Corrall.

And with all of those choices, the booths with the big deals stand out.

"Well you gotta check them out, and you can get a good price. Because you go over and ask them, how much is this? And they'll be like '$5 down.' So you just go where ever they give you a better deal," Rivas said.

Even the smallest gifts-- no matter where they came from--- were a reminder someone cares.

"I don't want to show up with my empty hands or I'm in trouble!" Rivas said laughing.

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