Police are racing against the clock to find 11-year-old taken away from PCH by her mother

PHOENIX - Phoenix police are racing against the clock to find an 11-year-old girl after her own mother took her away from Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night.

The 11-year-old named Emily, was at PCH undergoing leukemia treatment for the past month and was expected to be released the very next day.

During treatment at PCH, Emily had to have a chest catheter placed into her heart, she also had her arm amputated due to infection.

When the mother removed Emily from the hospital, she removed the IV from the chest catheter leaving the catheter open to elements such as bacteria and viruses to enter her heart.

"If she doesn't have this catheter sealed by medical staff we understand its highly like she could obtain an infection and ultimately die within a couple of days." said Sgt. Steve Martos with the Phoenix Police Department.

Police released surveillance video showing Emily's mother Norma taking her into a hospital bathroom with her IV machine still attached.

When the two emerge, Emily is dressed and the IV is gone.

They then met up with Emily's father Luis outside the Hospital and drove off in a black minivan, possibly a Ford with an Arizona license plate number #AVY 3157.

Martos said they are unsure of why the parents removed Emily from the hospital.

"People ...if they don't want medical attention can leave, but in this case we have an 11 year old girl who can't decide for herself, her parents are now removing her from the hospital and putting her in danger by not providing that last bit Medical attention." said Sgt. Martos.

Martos added that the parents are not suspects and are not wanted for any criminal wrong doing, but if Emily dies as a result of their actions, that could change.

The family is not from Arizona, but do have relatives outside the Valley along with ties to Mexico and California.

Phoenix Police have contacted authorities in those areas to keep an eye out for Emily and her parents, Norma and Luis.

Martos said they came to Phoenix to get Emily treatment.

"We believe time if of the essence our primary focus right now is trying to find Emily." said Martos

If you have any idea where Emily could be or have information about the family,  please contact Phoenix police 602-262-7626.

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