Phoenix woman spent time with wounded police Officer Peter Bennett on patrol

PHOENIX - A Phoenix woman got a close look at the day in the life of a police officer.

Liz Bebo won a chance to ride along with an officer after bidding on it at a charity auction.

It turns out, the officer she teamed up with was Officer Peter Bennett. The same officer shot six times on Sunday.

"When I heard an officer was shot and where it was, I thought I wonder if that is him," said Bebo.

She spent 10 hours with Officer Bennett back in September and said it changed her life and gave her new found respect for what police officers deal with every day.

"I never felt in danger, but it was a dangerous situation and he (Bennett) handled it with true compassion," said Bebo.

Bebo said there were at least two tense situations while she rode along with Bennett including one arrest where the suspect was put in the back seat of the squad car. "I heard some words I've never heard before," joked Bebo.

But mainly Bebo remembers what that $80 bid bought her.

A chance to spend the day with a "great man" as she calls Officer Bennett, and an even greater respect for the men and women who protect and serve our community.

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