Phoenix police shooting: Valley woman dangerously close to deadly exchange

PHOENIX - Officers knowingly put their lives on the line, but there were plenty of other people who suddenly got caught in the middle of a deadly gunfight Monday and had no choice but to wait it out and hope they didn't get hit.

Sophina Begeman waited at her car in the PLS Check Cashing parking lot as her boyfriend went to check on the victims of a crash caused by suspect police were after.

As she stood near the car's back door, Sophina says a man came around the back of the building running toward her.

"He sideswiped me on the shoulder, jumped over the fence," she said motioning toward a concrete wall bordering the next parking lot.

Seconds later Begeman says a truck pulled up next to her and out jumped an plainclothes officer who pulled his own weapon and started shooting just three feet away from her.

"I saw the color of his gun, I saw the bullets come out and everything."

Sophina eventually saw the suspect go down. She could hear the officer standing next to her radio for help and she could see one of the officers on the ground.

"Someone got up and said he was shot, they told him to stay down, he was holding his stomach," she said.

Sophina says she could only stand and watch in shock. She was eventually escorted by police to a nearby gas station where she waited more than three hours along with other witnesses to be interviewed by police.

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