Phoenix neighborhood burglarized 25 times this year

PHOENIX - People in a Phoenix neighborhood are taking action after homes in their area have been burglarized 25 times since January.

We're talking about the Grandview neighborhood, running from 7th Avenue west to 15th Avenue and from Camelback south to the canal in Central Phoenix.

Stevi Shearer is all fired up, and when you see what's been happening in her neighborhood you'll understand why. Twenty five of her neighbors have been burglarized since January.

"I just thought 'what are we doing wrong,?" Shearer said.

A community meeting Monday brought several Phoenix police officers, a Phoenix city councilwoman and plenty of concerned neighbors.

But break-ins in the Grandview neighborhood are nothing new to Stevi, she's been burglarized three times in the past couple of years.

"But the third time they scared my granddaughter. She's four, she was freaking out, she didn't want to sleep for a few weeks, you know she wanted to know if those people were coming back," she said.

Which brings us back to Monday's meeting, with people asking what are they supposed to do? 

Police say no matter where you live, pay attention to what's around you and get to know your neighbors.

The officers at the meeting pointed out a great resource, a website called

It's like a neighborhood Facebook where you can post about what's going on in your neighborhood and help keep your neighbors safe.


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