Phoenix Lt. Bob Sparks honored for 35 years of service

PHOENIX - Phoenix police officers paid tribute Monday morning to Reserve Lt. Bob Sparks for serving more than three decades in the force.

Sparks was diagnosed with an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer several months ago, according to the department.

He is sadly not expected to see Christmas this year, police said.

In his honor, a motorcade showed up to Sparks' home, including Phoenix police officers, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Arizona Department of Transportation, Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Mesa Police Department and more.

Sparks was then helped out to his front yard by family and friends, where we was able to salute the officers while in his uniform.

"Lt. Sparks has spent most of his career dedicated to traffic safety and education," police said. He served for 35 years.

"After years of coordinating, participating and leading similar honorary motorcades, this one was for him," according to the Phoenix police Facebook page.

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