Phoenix lights anniversary: Thursday night marks 17th anniversary of 'Phoenix Lights'

PHOENIX - Thursday night marks the 17th anniversary of the "Phoenix Lights", a phenomena that has intrigued Valley residents for years.

On March 13, 1997, hundreds reported seeing a triangular formation pass over their homes. Others saw a series of stationary lights in a long line.

The reports - along with video from after sunset - suggested the lights moved from north to south, appearing to pass right across the Valley. 

Watch the original video in the attached video player, along with an ABC15 report on the lights from the 10-year anniversary.

"I remember it well, like it was yesterday and I was afraid to really come out and talk about it so I waited a few years because it really stuck with me," said Dr. Lynne Kitei who was written books and worked on documentaries detailing the lights.

Dr. Kitei has spoken with ABC15 about the lights many times over the last decade.

Depending who you ask, you'll hear varying descriptions of the so-called "Phoenix Lights".

"Most things can be explained, only a small percentage cannot and just because we don't have the technology to definitively define what these things are doesn't mean they aren't real," said Kitei. "We may just be looking on the AM dial for an FM frequency."

The United States Air Force identified the lights as flares from the Barry Goldwater Range, but that doesn't settle the questions for everyone.

Dr. Kitei operates and will once again be screening her documentary about the incident on Sunday at Scottsdale Harkins Shea 14.

Do you believe the "Phoenix Lights" can be explained by something other than flares? Let us know what you believe they were by leaving a comment below.

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