Phoenix least congested U.S. metropolis on TomTom's U.S. congested cities list

CONCORD, MA - Phoenix was named the "least congested U.S. metropolis" in TomTom's sixth edition of their Traffic Index, Senior Associate Megan Tyrie said.

Compared to Los Angeles -- the most congested U.S. city -- people who have a 30 minute commute in Phoenix only experience 48 hours of delays each year, Tyrie said. By comparison, Los Angeles drivers lose an average of 11.5 days commuting.

In Phoenix, the worst days to travel are Wednesday and Thursday, the study says, those days have the longest delays.

In total, 53 metropolitan areas were assessed with populations larger than 800,000 people.

TomTom's Top 10 official list is:

1.  Los Angeles: Traffic increased two percent to its highest levels seen in last six years

2. San Francisco: Moved up from third place

3. Honolulu: Moved down from second place

4. Seattle: Ranking remained the same

5. San Jose: Ranking remained the same

6. Washington, DC: Ranking remained the same

7. New York: New to the Top 10 in 2013; up from #11

8. Portland: New to the Top 10 in 2013; up from #12

9. Boston: New to the Top 10 in 2013; up from #21

10. Chicago

The study compares non-congested times (free flow) with hours of heavy commuting traffic.


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