Phoenix police investigating deadly shooting near Interstate 17 and Loop 303

PHOENIX - Authorities say a driver veered off a Valley roadway and onto northbound I-17 Monday morning after being shot and killed.

Police say the driver was headed westbound on Dixileta Drive, just south of Loop 303, when he was shot around 8:50 a.m.

Authorities pronounced the driver dead on scene of an apparent gunshot wound. Police said the gunshot appears to have come from inside of the car, although only one person was inside the vehicle when discovered.

At this time, police are still trying to figure out if there was a second person in the car, or if the victim fired the gun himself.

"What we found when we looked in we had an adult male, obviously deceased, appears to be a gunshot wound inside the car," said Lt. Chuck Williams with the Black Mountain Precinct of the Phoenix Police Department. "We have no follow up, we have no suspects, we have no reason to believe there's anything more."

The vehicle collided with a white truck as it veered into the northbound I-17 lanes, struck the median wall and came to a rest in the gravel on the side of the freeway. The driver of the white pickup was not injured in the collision.

"This could have been way bigger than it is," said Lt. Williams. "I mean, we had traffic, morning commute traffic, going northbound, We're thankful that it was only one person who got involved in the accident plus the victim."

Air15 video showed clearly visible tire marks leading from the dirt of a frontage road and along the freeway.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call the Phoenix Police Department.

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