Phoenix Herpetological Society welcomes first baby Nile crocodiles in breeding program

PHOENIX - Aw! What's cute and will eventually grow up to have sharp teeth?

Baby crocs have just hatched at the Phoenix Herpetological Society!

Still covered in slime and scales, three baby Nile crocodiles broke eagerly and cautiously through their shells Friday afternoon becoming the first hatchlings as part of the organization's breeding program.

View more photos of the hatchlings on the Phoenix Herpetological Society Facebook page.

The three hatched crocodiles are male. They will soon be joined by their eight sisters in the next few days -- they still have to hatch first.

The crocodiles' parents are Mr. and Mrs. Engelbert. The father has been with PHS since 2003.

View a video of one of the babies breaking through his shell in the player above.

The baby crocodiles will eventually be placed in qualified zoos and sanctuaries for public education and conservation, according to a press release.

The breeding program is part of the Endangered Species Repopulation Breeding Project.

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