Girl Scout sells cookies outside Phoenix medical marijuana dispensary

PHOENIX - A clever Girl Scout decided to cure the Phoenix munchies using a popular treat: Girl Scout cookies.

Lexi, a third-year Girl Scout, set-up shop Friday outside TruMed, a licensed medical marijuana facility in Phoenix.

The girl’s mother, Heidi, said her daughter has about 300 boxes left to sell and thought the spot would be good for business.

TruMed owner Lauren Gooding said she really liked the idea. "Why not? We're a licensed Arizona dispensary. There's nothing wrong with it. They'll probably sell a ton of cookies today," she said.

Gooding also said that they will be donating a box of cookies to each customer who comes in to purchase medical marijuana.

Heidi said she told her daughter that they were selling cookies outside a doctors office and that there would be a lot of potential clients.

A San Francisco Girl Scout reportedly sold 117 boxes outside a dispensary in just two hours .

Heidi said they had the idea planned for a while and just saw the article yesterday.

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