Phoenix Fire: Valley fire kills two cats, six people displaced

PHOENIX - Officials are investigating a fire that started inside a Phoenix condominium early Sunday morning.

Phoenix Fire crews responded to a set of condos near 32nd Street and Indian School Road early Sunday morning for a first alarm fire.

Neighbors told ABC15 that the fire appeared to start in a lower level unit where there was a "hoarding situation" going on. The fire then spread to other units.

Officials said four units were burned, six people were displaced and two cats were killed in the blaze.

Saundra Paulmer lived in the condo above where the fire originated. Her entire unit was destroyed and her two Persian cats died in the fire.

"The reason this happened was because we had a hoarder downstairs," Paulmer said.

"Firefighters did have some problems with getting through doors," said Tony Mure with the Phoenix Fire Department. "There was a lot of clutter and furniture in the doorway, so they had to make entries through some of the windows."

Paulmer says this tragedy should have been prevented. She says she's contacted officials with the city of Phoenix, her city councilman and even the Phoenix Fire Department but nothing was done.

ABC15 has also put in a request to verify Paulmer's complaints to the city.

"Her home is filled with boxes from the bottom of the floor to the top. Her home went up like a tinderbox," Paulmer said.

No one was injured in the fire. The American Red Cross is assisting those who were displaced.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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