Phoenix FD: Big mulch fire erupts in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A massive mulch fire broke out in southwest Phoenix Friday afternoon sending thick smoke billowing into the air.

Phoenix Fire Captain Jonathan Jacobs said multiple crews battled the second-alarm fire in near 115-degree temperatures at 35th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

Just before 6:30 p.m. Jacobs said the fire had been contained.

PHOTOS: Mulch Fire erupts in southwest Phoenix

Air15 video showed the blaze sending thick black and white smoke into the air as crews fought the flames from above.

Jacobs said the fire is believed to have been started by a piece of equipment that caught fire while on top of a mulch pile. That fire then spread to a junkyard, according to the Associated Press.

Air15 video showed several semi-trailers on fire, as well as a tractor trailer, ambulances and scrap.

The Associated Press said that propane tanks may have exploded.

Officials said one firefighter was taken to the hospital for a heat related illness, but he is said to be doing okay.

Firefighters are still monitoring the mulch pile. They say it could smolder for hours, if not days.

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