Phoenix families get free smoke alarms installed

PHOENIX - Dozens of families in the Valley will be sleeping easier tonight thanks to the Phoenix Fire Department.

Firefighters joined with local volunteers and city officials to install smoke alarms in a neighborhood near 36th and Van Buren streets on Saturday.

They spent much of the day installing the alarms in homes that might need one.

Fire officials stressed the importance of always keeping the alarms up-to-date.

"People don't die in house fires from being burned alive, they die from smoke inhalation," said Kelly Liebermann with the Phoenix Fire Department. "What people need to realize is that they can't smell when they're sleeping."

When the event was over, a spokesman said around 100 volunteers visited 487 homes and one church. They installed 205 smoke alarms.

A family's chance of survival doubles when there are working smoke alarms in the home, authorities say. Most deadly fires in the U.S. occur between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and most victims die in their sleep from smoke inhalation.

There should be a smoke alarm installed on each floor of a home with one outside each sleeping area.

Fire officials say you should test the smoke alarms once every month and batteries should be changed every year with the smoke alarm itself replaced every seven to 10 years.

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