Phoenix dad Jesse Martell Miller accused of beating baby girl

PHOENIX - A Phoenix man has been arrested after he told authorities he beat his 1-year-old daughter, leaving her in critical condition.

According to court documents, Jesse Martell Miller, 29, called 911 on Monday morning saying, "I just beat up my daughter".

When officers arrived, Miller had already called the child's mother and they had taken the child to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

While at the hospital, police say Miller admitted to nurses he had beaten the baby.

The baby had facial bruising, dried blood in her nose and swollen lips. She was also reportedly soaking wet.

Police report the child's condition quickly deteriorated and at last report was in stable but critical condition.

The victim's mother told police she'd gotten a call from Miller while she was at work and he told her he had beat up their daughter after smoking "spice". Miller called the girl's mother to pick her up.

When police spoke with Miller at the hospital, he was found to have fresh wounds to his hands and he was wearing wet clothing.

Miller reportedly admitted to being alone with his child and smoking spice in the bathroom while he had the baby in front of the television.

He said he went to sit on the couch after smoking and "going out of it," explaining that "his soul left his body and he went to hell."

Miller told police that when he came to he heard his baby screaming and she was bleeding from the mouth. He tried to wash the blood off the baby in the bathtub.

Miller was booked into jail on one count of child abuse after admitting the baby could not have hurt herself and that he knew he must have done it.

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