Phoenix couple stuck on Carnival cruise during honeymoon

PHOENIX - A former Valley couple never received the free Carnival cruise they were offered after an experience similar to what happened on the " Triumph ," they said.

"The food was rotting and there was no running water, so the toilets were overflowing," said Daniel Gill.

Daniel and his wife Kendal were  honeymooning on the "Splendor"   in November 2010, when a fire in the engine room knocked out everything but emergency power.

"I heard ‘Alpha Team, Alpha Team, Alpha Team,' and then the power went out and the ship went black," Daniel told ABC15 via Skype from their new home in southern California.

"We started our marriage on a ship that was on fire," he laughed.

The newlyweds said Carnival refunded their tickets and offered another free cruise as compensation, but made it nearly impossible for them to arrange it.

Daniel said he told Carnival his travel dates were limited he would eventually be headed to recruit training for the U.S. Marine Corps, but that the company "basically didn't care."

"They made it so difficult that we were never able to get it," he said. "You'd call and wait 45 minutes, no one would answer. And if you did get someone they'd have you call someone else."

On Friday, Carnival Cruise Lines told ABC15 that they were looking into the Gill's compensation offer.

Carnival didn't take care of us the way they said they would," said Daniel, "So hopefully, they do so this time with [the Triumph passengers]," he said.

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