Phoenix councilman heads to Israel during tense time

PHOENIX - Phoenix City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela is heading off to Israel during a very tense time this weekend.

Valenzuela and a group of other leaders of western states are heading there for a week-long trip.

"I'm so excited to go and learn about the country and how they can keep government running during a time of war," said Valenzuela. 

After eight days of violence and nearly 150 deaths on both sides of the Israel-Gaza border, a cease-fire took effect Wednesday, according to CNN.

The trip was planned months ago, long before the latest violence broke out.

"I can't say I'm not thinking about the risks, but we will be with a security team and I feel good about it."

Valenzuela said they will learn about issues similar to ones he deals with as a leader in the city of Phoenix, including immigration and other social issues.

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