Phoenix considering city IDs for immigrants?

PHOENIX - Phoenix officials are considering issuing city identification cards to immigrants in response to persistent concerns brought on by Arizona's immigration law.

In a memo from October 2 , Councilman Michael Nowakowski said he would like to explore the creation of city-issued IDs for immigrants that have a Mexican Matricula card or equivalent foreign identification, but not a valid form of state ID.

Nowakowski specifically cites "a new hurdle as our police department integrates section 2(b) of Senate Bill 1070" as a reason for the new cards.

He also proposes that the IDs would help residents feel safe reporting crimes, without having to be concerned about their legal status.

ABC15 wanted to get more details about Nowakowski's proposal but he is currently out of town.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Nowakowski's office issued a statement on his behalf saying:

The memo I sent to the Law Department earlier this month was in response to a concerned group of constituents that spoke before the Public Safety, Veterans, Transparency and Ethics Subcommittee on September 25, 2012. They requested that the city look into the possibility of providing residents with identification cards that would preempt City of Phoenix Police Officers from transporting undocumented individuals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The same group spoke before the full Council on October 3, 2012 at the public comment session. I have requested that the City Attorney's Office look into the feasibility of creating and issuing such a form of identification. I have not heard back from the Law Department as of yet.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department declined to comment.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton also did not want to comment, saying he had not seen the proposal.

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