Phoenix Children's Hospital helps 14-year-old Isaiah see a brighter future

PHOENIX - In so many ways, Isaiah is a typical 14 year-old. He loves X-Box, basketball and he’s glued to his phone.  However, Isaiah is anything but typical. In fact, he isn’t even supposed to be here.

“He's a walking miracle. He wasn't even supposed to walk, let along do everything that he does,” said Isaiah’s mother Tarah.

For Isaiah, the beginning of life was nearly the end. His skin was blue, a sign his tony body had been deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Even as he was rushed off for an emergency tracheotomy, doctors believe at best Isaiah would be brain dead.

He was born without a mandible, essentially a lower jaw. He would never be able to eat or breathe without a tube.

His young parents refused to give up. For weeks, nobody knew if he would survive from one moment to the next.

“We had to grow up real fast, in a matter of seconds,” said Isaiah’s father Sergio.

His condition is so rare, there have only been two other documented cases worldwide. Isaiah is the only one who has survived, and certainly thrived. He goes to a regular school, plays basketball and football.  He even makes his own meals, and communicates using his smart phone.  He simply finds a way.

 “We do get a lot of people on the street who say oh poor kid.  I'm like, don't feel sorry for him.  Please don't feel sorry for him, because you know. He's happy,” Explained Tarah.

Even now, Isaiah’s condition requires constant follow-up. He still sees the specialist at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. His parents have discovered what so many others have: the staff not only cares for Isaiah, but the whole family.

Thanks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Isaiah’s unwavering determination, his parents finally see a brighter future.

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