PD: Valley man, Steve Baker, says he doesn't need driver's license because he is a 'sovereign'

PHOENIX - Another Valley man is using the "sovereign citizen" excuse as a reason to evade law enforcement and prosecution.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center , "Sovereigns believe the American government set up by the founding fathers was secretly replaced by a new government system," and thus, today's current government is illegal.

Legal analysts believe sovereigns are ‘extreme individualists.'

"The laws that [sovereigns] don't want to follow don't apply to them," said Professor Steven Gonzales of the Phoenix School of Law, " and no country, no place accepts that."

Steve Baker, 36, of Phoenix was arrested on October 7 after Phoenix police claim he ran a red light.

Baker told the officer he did not need to show a license, registration or a proof of insurance because he was a sovereign citizen, according to court documents.

Police stated that Baker was also driving under a suspended license and had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle.

Baker's accused crimes are minor compared to those of another man using the "sovereign" claim.

Michael Crane is accused of killing Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro in their Paradise Valley home back in January.

A week prior, Crane also killed Bruce Gaudet at his Phoenix apartment, police said.

Crane insists that the criminal laws in Arizona do not apply to him because he is a sovereign being.

On Tuesday, the judge presiding over Crane's case ruled the suspect could not represent himself as he desired because he would be too disruptive.

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