PD: Phoenix couple didn't feed baby for weeks

PHOENIX - Phoenix police arrested a man and woman accused of not feeding a baby for weeks after running out of baby formula.

According to court documents, Ryan Adam Morris took the 9-month-old boy to Phoenix Baptist Hospital on Saturday.

Medical staff learned the baby weighed 7 pounds, court papers said. He is listed in serious condition.

Morris reportedly told police he and his girlfriend, the mother of the baby, had not fed the baby since the beginning of March. 

They live in an apartment near Interstate 17 and Glendale Avenue.

Court papers said Morris admitted to having money to buy baby formula but instead used it to pay bills and buy tobacco products.

Morris also told police his girlfriend, Veronica Marie Diaz, receives a social security check for about $600 at the start of every month, court papers said.

Diaz told police she fed the baby a bottle of water a day and a little regular milk before he went to bed until Wednesday.

Morris said the former boyfriend of Diaz bought them baby formula Wednesday.

According to court papers, Diaz said she has four other children to feed, so she gave up on the baby.

When asked why she didn't feed the baby, Diaz reportedly told police she wanted him to "go away" because her former boyfriend sexually assaulted her around the same time she became pregnant.

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