Phoenix police: Gunman among 4 killed in shooting

PHOENIX - Authorities said four people were found dead, including the alleged gunman, in an apparent domestic violence situation turned shooting Tuesday night.

Phoenix police said the suspected gunman was found dead in an alleyway near 51st Street and Thunderbird Tuesday night, bringing an hours-long standoff to an end.

Police believe the shooter, a 50-year-old estranged husband, shot and killed his wife in the backyard of their home. Her body was also set on fire, according to authorities.

The body of the man's teenage daughter was found inside the home, according to police. The body of another man, believed to be a friend of the wife, was found in the driveway in front of the house.

Authorities said the couple had a court appearance this morning and court documents show that it was related to some sort of protection order.

Police believe the wife was moving items out of the home earlier Tuesday when the estranged husband arrived.

The victims' identities have not been released. No other details were available.

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